Questions + Answers 

What are high school senior photos?

Senior photos are pictures taken the last year of high school in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Traditionally, students take school-wide portraits that are taken in the lobby or school gym in front of a backdrop. This will be the last image to commemorate their twelve year journey through education. On occasion, these images are used in the student’s yearbook. More...

How do I book a session with you?

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out a form. You will then be prompted to book a 20 minute discovery call where you can share your needs and vision with me. The session is then booked. I would love to be the one to take your student’s senior photos. It’s my pleasure to serve you. 

Where do you photograph seniors?

I can recommend a number of unique and hidden areas in the Alpharetta,  Roswell and Metro Atlanta area, . Upon booking your high school portrait or senior session, we will discuss your vision which will make it easier to provide you with location ideas. A great place to start would be a place that is near and dear to your heart. Whatever you choose, it will be unique and completely you. More…

When is the best time of year to take senior pictures?

Parents begin to book as early as June, the summer before senior year all the way through until graduation. The best time will depend on the type of look you are going for. Seniors tend to prefer the Fall. The Spring season can be hectic as students begin to consider prom and graduation as well. 

How would you help my teen loosen up in front of the camera?

Nerves are normal and I factor that in prior to the session day. It is important that they play a part in the preparations leading up to their session. I encourage parents to have the teen join us during the discovery call, where they can interview me, share their likes and the vision for their pictures. Following that, I make myself available to support them when making outfit choices. On “photo-day”, your teen feels more comfortable, as we converse and laugh throughout the photo experience. 

Will the make up make my teen look older than she is?

No, hiring a professional makeup artist makes for the absolute best and most natural-looking photos possible. As a parent, I understand the apprehension with makeup on your teen. The application of makeup, included in the Senior Experience for girls, is applied by a seasoned and experienced makeup artist that I trust completely. Makeup is applied to lightly accent your teen’s features and to remove shine. As a result, makeup is always age appropriate. 

What if it rains on the session day?

Most of the photo sessions take place outdoors unless your teen has envisioned an indoor setting. Part of the planning process is for me to keep an eye on the weather reports. If your photo location cannot be changed to fit your vision and celebration, then we simply reschedule for another day that works better. Indoor portrait sessions are always another option. 

Do you have any other experiences working with teens?

Yes, I do. I have been photographing teens for approximately 5 years now. At the same time, I also teach in a middle school and occasionally volunteer with the youth ministry at my local church. Young people are near and dear to my heart, given my own teen experiences and I endeavor to always provide a safe space for them. Here’s why…