I’m Josselyne and thankful you found me on this side of Metro Atlanta.

Alpharetta and Roswell's High School and Senior Photographer


I love to celebrate aha moments, and high school is the true definition of AHA! 
From the semester you discover your favorite subject, to the moment you realize your new chapter as a senior or graduate, aha can be your sarcasm or your discovery moment. I celebrate each one as the milestones they are.

Fun Facts About Me

Jesus and hot water is how I start my day - Life wouldn’t be joyful without either.

I have been going to bed with headphones on since I was a kid. Soulful or meditation music puts me right to sleep.

I would love to fly to Rwanda, Turks and Caicos and Bali in the next 10 years.

A decaf vanilla-lavender latté with oatmilk  from my favorite local coffee shop is always a hit with me. 

Teaching 8th grade math is my sweet spot. If I have had the privilege of having you as a student, we made it a fun year.


My Family

I am a wife and mom of 2 girls. We love to laugh as much as we love to try new cuisines. We are "unboxed". One category alone is not sufficient for us. We look forward to our family game nights/movie nights and love going on vacation.

I understand that everyone has their own adolescent experiences. Some, hopeful and some feel hopeless. It’s a “mush” of emotions that can be challenging to pick through. My adolescent years were full of meanders that have now become teachable moments.

Creating a modern, fun and meaningful photo experience, I hope to evoke confidence and pride, celebrating who you are and who you will become, through your unique portrait experience and the sharing of your personal story.

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