High School Senior Portraits In Chicago, Illinois

Passion Behind High School Portrait Photography

Anything you are passionate about , you invest in. I have always had a passion and heart for young people, specifically those in high school, since transitioning into adulthood. I think it’s mainly because I wish I knew what I know now. That adolescence is a short period and can impact future choices. 

Growing up, I lacked confidence in my appearance despite my mother’s assuring words of how beautiful I was, and that many pay for the features I have. It didn’t change the fact that I was taunted and made fun of at that time. When you’re a teenager, and do not feed yourself with words of affirmation and see your current circumstance as your future reality, it is difficult to see past next week. 

High School Senior Portrait African American in Chicago IL

Thankfully, I always believed that the one thing that couldn’t be taken away from me was my knowledge. I was bi-lingual by the age of five and I had been exposed to parts of the world my peers had not. I love to study and that’s where I found my solitude. Knowing that regardless of them calling me stupid, I was still the person they turned to for help and for answers to questions on homework sheets and quizzes. This made no sense to me whatsoever and I never gave in. I had confidence that my knowledge would set me apart one day, and I would leave them behind. That was my hope. 

My Hope Today…

My hope and perspective today is a little different. My hope is in Christ. I know that “God has made me in his image “ (Gen 1:27) and  “If God is for me, then who could be against me?” (Rom 8:31) and that “God has a plan for me, a plan to prosper me and not to harm me” (Jer 29:11) and the promises go on. These are the promises I desire for every teen to know. That they are not alone, that they should desire to live out their narrative, their purpose and with boldness, everyday.

High School Senior Portrait African American

My name is Josselyne H, I am an educator and photographer. I document the tail-end of adolescents before the transition into adulthood. I allow my students/clients to be vulnerable and remind them that this is just one chapter in the book of life. I remember what it was like to strive for the grades needed despite the emotional and physical challenges. It was not easy. The time during their portrait session is their time to shine, to recuperate, their time to laugh and to remember that it’s their time to L.I.V.E (Live with Intent and Valor Everyday)”

Living with intent and valor everyday


Today I showcase Aniyah. Senior 2021 from Chicago. She allowed herself to be vulnerable during her experience. She preferred not to smile, but every once in a while, she just had to enjoy the moment. My hope for Aniyah is to L.I.V.E

An African American Girl in her High School senior portrait

High school senior in pink jacket and denim jeansAn African American in her High School Senior Portrait

traditional portraits in chicago studio

Beautiful High School Senior demanding excellence

An African American Girl Reading and Smiling

What life lessons have brought you to where you are today?