Women’s Empowerment Institute Event (Part 2) – Professional Headshot Photography | Alpharetta, GA

I recently blogged about an event that the Woman’s Empowerment Institute hired me to document. If you missed it, here is the link

Visitors were offered Headshot Photography . The event focused on how to better lead in their places of work or their respective companies. One of the highlighted points was to begin placing value on one’s online presence. 

Headshot and Branding Photography is important because it allows one to present themselves in a professional and intentional manner. The quality of the image and content in the image all matter. This is why a cut out of your best picture at the Christmas gala is not sufficient when placing it on your LinkedIn profile, business social media platforms, your website or even in your email signature. This is when your image speaks a thousand words about the product or service you provide or the company you are representing. 

Headshot sessions do not have to be lengthy. It really comes down to the purpose and intent of your images. Asking yourself key questions prior to the sessions will add to the success of the headshot session. These questions can include, but are not limited to the following; 1) What do I want to communicate? 2)What will the images be used for?  These are typical questions I begin my client consultations with. 

To diminish the fears people have about headshot sessions,  I wanted to provide a quick snippet of an event held headshot session. Each client had about 10 minutes. We briefly discussed their intent prior to me shooting, so that I could better photograph them.  Please note, the people who experienced my service were made aware ahead of time, so they arrived glammed up and ready for their session, all whilst STILL listening to the conference speaker. 

What are your thoughts about event headshot sessions? Have you ever experienced one?

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