Planning a Graduation Party You Will Remember

Tips to plan your graduation party

It’s second semester and graduation is fast becoming a reality. It’s almost time to exhale and celebrate for the seniors, but time to start planning and setting the ball in motion for the long awaited graduation party. Planning nowadays may look a little different to what we thought it would look like a few years ago, given recent events, but there are ways in which you can plan a celebration depending on your level of comfort.

My hope and prayer is for this year’s seniors to be able to acknowledge and celebrate all their effort in a way that is personal to them. If you are blessed with the task of planning a graduation party here are few elements you can focus on.

The Guest List
Deciding who you will invite and the number of people. This  will determine where you will host the celebration and the type of entertainment and caterer you will need. Intimate affairs can take place at home, your backyard, your basement or even a clubhouse. Use your resources, this will help drive down costs if that is a factor. Set a number and stick to it.

Set a Budget
The number of people you invite can be determined by your budget. Sit down with your parents/ all decision makers and work out a budget. Create a list in priority order of what is important and then allocating the majority of the budget to that first. As you go down the list,  shrink the expense. Remember to shop around to get a better idea of the costs associated with your party.

Search for Venues
Many seniors choose to have their graduation parties at home. If not, I would suggest you begin searching for venues now! The summer is also wedding season, so you may be competing with those celebrations as well. When searching, consider your theme, time of day, in or outdoor location and weather. In addition, some venues have restrictions regarding employing outside vendors and may provide you with an all-inclusive package which would mean you purchase food and beverages from them.  Make sure you ask before you book.

Food is usually the biggest cost or one of the top expenses when planning.  Especially when catered. Some people prefer to make it themselves. This will add to your preparation time-line (time you set aside to prepare for the party). If this is the route you take,  be sure you start the day before.  Remember, catering options are available even from some of your favorite burger places, taco place (i am thinking grab and go foods)  and restaurants. Caterers will take care of the food for you. Food trucks are also a fun idea too.

Plan Your Décor and Entertainment
Planning your decor could be the highlight of planning the celebration.  Using Pinterest and other search engines,  pin your ideas, DIY or purchase straight from that idea’s location.

Entertainment will range in a number of different ways. This can depend on the theme and how many people you are entertaining. A live band, a D.J and a photo booth are some of the more common types that come to the top of mind.

Whatever your idea, because there is a plethora of ideas, go with it and enjoy it! Make it personal and make it fun.

In all your planning, remember to think about dietary restrictions when applicable. Inform your guests about your COVID precautions and consider having sanitary stations. A table with a napkins and sanitizer should be suffice.

Remember, this is your graduation party, which means you don’t need to do what everyone else is
doing. Celebrate in style your way. 

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