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Headshot Photography During Covid-19

Photography during Covid-19 can be tricky, but that does not have to be the case. It all depends on who or what is your subject. We know that the virus can be contracted “from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes or talks” as per the CDC. It, therefore, has been advised that we stay at least 6ft apart from others. In other words, we must practice social distancing. 

With this information, it is important for me to keep both myself and my clients protected. This are the five things I have definitely implemented in my sessions during the COVID-19

1.Consultations take place online:  This method is completed via schedule Zoom call or a phone call. I still use email as a form of written communication too. I appreciate this online tool, because I am still able to build a rapport with clients and also show them images after their session before placing an order for their wall art or album. 

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2.Social distance and have a member of my clients family/friend attend the session: Before Covid-19, my clients didn’t mind if I moved a piece of hair from their face or lint from their blazer. Now, for the safety of us all, I remain at least 6 feet from my clients. I suggest that they have a close friend or family member tag along, so that I can provide direction to them to remove the hair or lint from my client.  My client usually feels safer and remains comfortable for the entirety of the session. 

3.Masks:  I wear a mask. I find that I may have to raise my voice to give direction, but I will wear a mask.

4.Sanitize: I carry sanitizer with intention. I also sanitize my tent. This is the only prop I bring with me on set for clients to perform an outfit change. Any other props are brought by my clients.

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5.I now give “air high-fives”: I usually hug my clients because I love to give hugs, at the very least,  I will shake your hand. That has all changed and now I give “air high-fives”. It still makes the session fun, and everyone stays safe. 

The good news is, I am still able to produce a great product for clients, excellent images and a wonderful experience. 

Thank you for continually supporting my business and trusting me as your local photographer. To contact me go ahead and click here for your unique and safe photo experience

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