Having Real Friends Especially in Senior Year | Alpharetta High School Senior Photographer

Having Real Friends or True Friends in Senior Year is Important.

Senior year is important and  having the correct support and accountability is imperative. This can be one of the most trying times for a student, whether it be high school or college. During these times you need people that will support you, steer you in the right direction and keep you accountable.

Today I share a video of a few things you may want to consider when choosing true friends and those you can keep close.

These are things I wish I had known as I made my way through life.

I also had a few of my close friends join  in on the conversation from NY and the UK. Its great hearing another persons perspective. There is also a giveaway in the video so listen through it all.  ( ends: July 31st @12pm est)

How did you pick your true friends? Do you have any additional advice?