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Happy Mother’s Day To Mother’s Everywhere

I have two beautiful daughter’s that I love so much.  They are both raised under the same roof with the same set of parents, but are very different. The eldest is more creative and the youngest is more linear, curious and inquisitive. I find myself trying to find my character traits in them, when we are watching T.V, eating dinner or when they are asleep. I look at them and remember that God chose me to be their mom. Wow!

I love teaching them about life, my experiences as a British African woman, my career paths, my good choices in life and “not so good choices”. I love answering their questions about faith, love, travel and being a girl. I allow them to see my flaws and I am quick to apologize for my wrongdoings. I ask them for their feedback, their ideas and perceptions. What I see as their mom, is totally different to what they see as children. We have grown up in two different countries, in two different cultures and in two different times, I embrace their sweet conclusions about life thus far.

Mother’s day is a day for most to celebrate. We celebrate motherhood, those that have come before us, those that have impacted us and also, those  who are moms. This year, I decided to gift myself because I do not always give myself the “kudos” I deserve as a mom. Yes! Kudos. Who actually gives themselves a pat on the back for what they are supposed to do as  a mom? I don’t know anyone. But I do know that I am very quick to feel mom guilt when I forget to read to my children, or haven’t displayed the best actions in front of my daughters.

If I  can “condemn” myself as a mom, then I can give myself kudos. So should you.

Black mom and daughters kiss

Mother’s Day Gifts.

This year I decided to give myself the gift of a Mother’s Day portrait session. I wanted to have Easter pictures taken, but Covid-19! So I decided to make it about me and the girls for Mother’s Day. Who took the pictures? I did! We had fun doing it and although we got bitten by bugs here and there, we laughed, played and gave each other kisses.  I am usually the one behind the camera and do not have a lot of pictures with my daughter’s. This is why this means even more to me. 

This year I am ordering a meal from Serbea Living. I love African Food and it reminds me of my mom’s cooking, so there’s that off of my list. Lastly, I am trying to convince my husband to buy me another camera lens. lol

Every mother should get the Kudos she deserves for maneuvering her way through a journey that doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with its peaks and lows, and it’s clarity and darkness. But altogether, I am a firm believer that because I was chosen to be the mother of my two daughters, they are the gifts that I choose to cherish this very day.

Black girls play Mothers Day

Black girls play Mothers Day Portrait

Mom and me African American Mothers Day Atlanta Ga

Black girls play Mothers Day Atlanta Ga

Black girls play Mothers Day Atlanta Ga

Mom and me African American Mothers Day Atlanta Ga

Mom and me African American Mothers Day Atlanta Ga

I love these little ladies xox

Happy Mother’s Day To You All!

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