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You’ve experienced an awesome high school photo session and have been handed your files to do all that you please. You upload them to social media and share a few with friends. But now what? This is the predicament that some high school photo lovers find themselves in and are challenged by what to do next. At JLondon Images, I like to both educate and guide my clients in showing them how to better enjoy their high school images and get the most out of them. 

Wall art

The perfect way to display your high school senior images is to either create a statement piece (one large print), or put together a group of images that produce a narrative. These images will be hung on a wall in your home and will be accessible daily for you to enjoy. I am happy to share that I offer floating metal prints, with and without frames, and standout prints that are a lighter alternative. Whichever style you prefer, there is an option available for you that will communicate the fun and enjoyable time you have at your high school portrait session. 


Albums are one of the most popular products on offer. Teens love that they can customize the inside and outside of the album and matching box, from a selection of colors. Their chosen color combinations will match their personality which has had our teens very excited. Albums are the perfect way to tell their entire story, given the wardrobe changes and props possibly used at the photo session. I offer a 10×10 album with multiple cover options. My personal favorite and my most popular option is the beautiful acrylic cover. 


Folio Keepsake box

Folio keepsake boxes are a perfect alternative to albums. Like the album box, the folio keepsake box can be customized too. Matted prints are beautifully placed inside an 8×12 folio box ready to frame or put on display. The box is perfect for storing your teen’s mementos, birthday cards, a graduation tassel and/or program, prom tickets, a college acceptance letter, or a letter to their future self! How you use your folio is up to you. The corresponding digitals come with each purchased print. 

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