Stress Management – Letter To A Friend | Alpharetta High School Senior Photographer

Dear Friend, 

I know these last few weeks have not been easy, actually far from it. I know you have been in denial about how you felt, thinking you had it all under control, but honestly, I know you haven’t. Some nights you didn’t understand why you felt so overwhelmed, some days you didn’t understand why you were numb. You focused with your head and not your heart, because for the most part, you are led by logic, and some days by faith, but never your heart. 

I need you to breathe. I need you to understand that the last few weeks has had everyone rattled. No-one saw this coming and have had to adapt to these changes over night. The thing is, not everyone is able to turn and pivot that fast. Remember everyone is different and everyone functions differently. Having your body follow your mind, is a fight in itself. Like the time you were supposed to get that assignment handed in the next day, but your brain and your hand were not in agreement. You were tired, even though you felt like you hadn’t been productive. 

I am not a doctor, but I will suggest a few things that can help you get through it.However, remember if you feel really bad, please go and see a licensed professional. 

Number 1: Acknowledge how you feel. Remember it’s okay to not be okay. You probably feel as though your world will come crashing if you admit that you’re not 100%. But I promise, it will come crashing on you if you do not. Admitting you may need a little help, doesn’t mean you are weak, it just means you are human. (hugs)

Number 2: Stop what you’re doing and breathe. Some people call it centering yourself, but it looks different to everyone. I take deep breaths through my nose, hold it, and  then exhale slowly through my mouth.  Doing this slows your heart rate and pumps a bit more oxygen around your body. It’s a good thing. Another thing I do is pray. Knowing that there is a God bigger than my situation reminds me that He knows “wassup” and I am not alone. He has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me (Jeramiah 29:11).

Number 3: Be mindful of what you consume. What are you drinking and eating? What are you giving your mind to? Consuming a lot of processed sugar items and/or caffeine can take you on a rollercoaster ride and trigger stress and anxiety behaviors. This is different from person to person. Drinking plenty of water, caffeine-free beverages and healthier snacks helped me sis. Look into it.

At the same time, Social Media, T.V and other influences can act as a distraction, but can also lead your mind down a never ending tunnel.  You know how that can be? I found that this could trigger some anxious behaviors, consciously or subconsciously. So think about setting a timer on your  phone to monitor your use. 

Number 4: Last one, I promise. Sometimes taking supplements may help. I found that taking Magnesium and Ashwagandha helps me a lot. I take these daily. Magnesium plays a key role in regulating the body’s stress-response (cortisol levels) system. A deficiency in this mineral can be linked with increased  stress and anxiety levels. Magnesium also has other benefits. Check them out in your free time. 

Ashwagandha is a small evergreen shrub. It grows in India, the Middle East and parts of Africa. (, n.d)

Studies have proven that the extract from this shrub is able to lower levels of cortisol (your fight-or-flight hormone). The herb has been reported to help self-reported anxiety and depression too. 

There are other vitamins that could help, but visit your local natural health store or health practitioner and ask them for direction or advice. They are usually open to help. 

Well Friend, I do not want to bore nor overwhelm you. I just wanted to share what worked for me. If you want to know about a few more strategies you can apply, you can always click on the link below. I have 4 more you can try. Remember, I am not a doctor, just a good friend who cares. 

Take care of yourself. You are enough and you are loved!

Josselyne xox

The image below (cell phone) is linked to my IG where I talk about the 4 tips. The Stress and Anxiety Guide will lead you straight to the guide (will ask for your email first).