Taking Your Senior Photos With Your Pet

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girl with her horse on farm Georgia

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It’s no secret, a lot of us have a non bi-logical member of the family, who may live either outside or inside our home. Either way, you love them and they are an important part of your life, so it makes sense that you would want to include  your pet in some of your senior […]

Planning a Graduation Party You Will Remember

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Alpharetta, GA High School Senior and graduate Photographer

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It’s second semester and graduation is fast becoming a reality. It’s almost time to exhale and celebrate for the seniors, but time to start planning and setting the ball in motion for the long awaited graduation party. Planning nowadays may look a little different to what we thought it would look like a few years […]

3 Things You Can do to Combat Senioritis and Make Senior Year The Best.

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Alpharetta Georgia Senior Prom Photos with friends

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The last year in high school is full of emotion. For some, it’s a realization that you are almost done with mandatory education, coming to the end of chapter you know so well and excited with all the events you have always heard about and want to take part in. For some students, senior year […]

Guys, 4 Tips for Posing you at Your Next Portrait Session

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Happy young man sitting down with legs crossed

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You’ve booked your photographer for your professional high school senior photo shoot, and you are very excited. You begin to practice your poses in front of the bathroom mirror and some poses are hits and some are misses. Whilst your photographer is there to guide you through your photo session, it still helps you and […]

Ways I Handle Stress And Anxiety When Going Back To School | Alpharetta, Georgia High School Photogrpaher


Manage stress and anxiety | Roswell Georgia High School Photographer

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You gotten through the last semester and I am so proud of you. You took the summer to chill, have fun and reconnect. That is brilliant. But as you walk through the local stores you notice that everyone is singing the same song and presenting the same theme. “Back To School”. Everyone is celebrating, yet […]

Josselyne H. is a photographer based in Atlanta, GA., serving surrounding metro areas such as Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Duluth, Roswell, Stockbridge and Camp Creek. While photographing high school seniors, I still thrive on documenting your narrative through headshot photography.