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As a relationship photographer, I sometimes like to choose intimate subjects as my topic of conversation.

Not everything is wedding related, but more on the duration of your marriage. My prayer is that after you commit to one another, you take your vows to heart and head and see them through till death do you part.

The marriage life is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of getting out of your own way, a new definition of commitment and some serious prayer to see it to the end. I am always intrigued to learn more about marriage and other people’s journeys. To learn and ask questions is to be more wise in my book and not less likely to be blind-sighted where applicable. I have been married almost 7 years now and I am still learning more about me, my husband and marriage in general. By no means have I reached, but I like to share what I have learned.

On my search for new and fresh information, I came across a wonderful resource and website. This site not only was a useful resource to those who were married, but to those who wanted to be, as well as those with children. The site is called Black and Married with Kids and is owned by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler. Their mission is to focus on putting forth positive messages about marriage within the black community and also empowering married couples. You can read more here about their mission and amazing accomplishments here

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler have not only created a wonderful web-based resource for all to learn from, but have also branched into the field of media, which I am very happy to share. I have followed their blog for a short while, just under a year, when  I came across a trailer for one of their short documentaries. I was very interested in it because it showed real couples who shared  why they were still together after many years of marriage. Each couple provided a different reason and I was taken aback by their honest. I thought I’d let you peek in on what I saw, here it is below.



You see, not every one has the privilege of knowing a couple who have been married for more than ten years, if married at all. I certainly advise everyone to sit down and interview another couple that have been married for more than ten years before getting married themselves. I spoke about this in more detail in a previous post where I suggested you approach a couple you admire, you trust and are happy in their marriage and ask if they do not mind you asking some “real” questions.

The amount of couples I know that are happily married has grown over the years. However, growing up, I wasn’t exposed to it. At one time, I didn’t want to get married for fear of divorce. I just knew it was inevitable. But I know better now. I exposed myself to the right things. Just like this DVD. I actually purchased it and watched it with my husband. listening to each couple’s story, challenges and how they overcame was very powerful in the least. How does one come back from infidelity? I don’t know, but a couple in that documentary did. Speech and Yolanda Thomas. They had some wise words to share and here are few below.

I wanted to bring this particular film to your attention  because it shows the “for better or for worse” aspect of marriage. Marriages can end, but they do not necessarily have to come to an end if you are BOTH willing to make it work and this film is a testament to it. I share this video with you because I enjoyed and it and I learned a lot from it. My favorite quote was when the counselor gave the description below for marriage, and not everyone, including me wants to share..lol.

[ctt tweet=”Marriage: Going from the Island of Me to the Island of We!” – #StillStanding @JLondonImages”” coverup=”_4t88″]

The documentary tackles myths but leaves you feeling more confident via insight and the sharing of another’s experiences. To me the DVD is a resource I will definitely go back to gleam from.

I would never suggest or recommend something to you that I personally haven’t tried, so these are my honest words. I am not being paid to write this, however, I will stand to gain a small reward should you purchase your own video. Did I mention, the shipping was very quick? Here is a link to a few more documentaries you may be interested in viewing

Great Service

My opinion: 5/5 for depth of knowledge and expert opinions. For just being 100% honest.

If you have watched it or any other documentaries by Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, feel free to recommend other videos below. Are you a long time reader, what have you learned from them? I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below.

In the mean time, remember you stance and why you choose to keep standing.







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  1. Still standing great video to share. Happiness is the key and love one self . I especially like real love is strong. a review or testimonial that young children need to hear.

  2. I love the Black and Married With Kids site and the resources they have for couples and families. So great to have something like this for our community!

  3. Marriage has taught me to be a more selfless and better person, you really have to be in order to maintain that love…isn’t that what love is afterall? Loving someone enough to say they matter a bit more than yourself…

  4. This is awesome documentary and I love what Ronnie and Lamar are doing for the community. I actually got to meet them and hear them speak this weekend at a blogging conference.

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