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My story began 32 years ago, but if I begin that far back, we will be here all day. So, I will select to tell you about a chapter in my book, my story. My name is Josselyne (but some call me JLondonI), I am from the sunny city of London, UK  (lol) and I have a passion for healthy relationships. I do not know exactly the time and date this passion was ignited, but I will say that its fueled daily by the relationships I maintain across the pond and here in my own back yard.

Me, JLondon aka Josselyne

I am a wife, a mother, a photographer, a daughter and a friend. I am sure I wear many more hats, but it’s all merged together, because it is all relative. I love my hats; they add challenges, fun, love and humor to my life. My husband is my best friend, and my daughters are my heartbeat and if you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I am currently, through photography, sharing the things I am grateful for daily. These people are featured very often.

Little Girls Posing
My Daughters

Photography is not only a tool I use to share and keep memories alive, but it’s also a gift I use to bless others in the same way it continues to bless me. In 2011, Jlondon Images was birthed.  I was inspired to share this gift by a man who was excellent when it came down to his career. His resume was pages long and his own story was impossible. This man was my father and he passed away right before me. This is when I realized how real and sobering death was and how selfish I was for allowing fear to hinder me from sharing the photography experience. When I realized that my husband and I no longer had any images of our selves alone without our 1st daughter I knew then that it was time to step out and share my God given talent with others. I mean, how many other couples had portraits of their entire family but not one of them as a couple?

a couple spouse
My husband and I

JLondon Images is not restricted to just couples, but it’s were family is birthed. It begins with two and flourishes into many. Capturing, nurturing and honoring your relationships are what JLondon Images does best.

I stated earlier that this was just a chapter in my story, to know more, subscribe and follow JLondon Images on Facebook and Instagram and you will be blessed with date night ideas, relationship tools and encouragement to keep yours healthy and happy.

I look forward to building my relationship with you, so comment below and introduce yourself 🙂

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