Whats a Canvas got to do with Marriage? | Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer

A man who describes his marriage as a canvas and his experiences as  paint strokes on the canvas, is celebrating his marriage of one year to his beautiful bride today. They give God the glory and honor for their relationship and experiences to this day and I applaud them. If it was not for my healthy fear and respect for the Lord, I do not know where my marriage would be. Not in a negative way, but we are human. I am human. There are times, where you want to just say what you “REALLY” feel and let your emotional fire take place. Marriage has taught me filter, consideration for my spouse and to think and rethink my words to say the least. My aim should not to be break my husband down, but to encourage him and raise him up.

The man who used the description of the canvas and paintbrush was Will Johnson, about his wife Tara Johnson. I had the privilege of capturing and engraving their relationship, with the help of Lisa Polucci. It was a beautiful day. My prayer is that the masterpiece created on the canvas continues to dwell in the presence of God, as it continues to fashion a marriage that reflects the relationship they individually have with their Father in Heaven.

Happy 1 year Anniversary.

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