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Your favorite high school senior and intimate wedding photographer in Alpharetta, has introduced new products and services. I am so excited to share that I am shouting it from the mountain tops, because roof tops are just not high enough! lol

JLondon Images is now providing you with a series of wall art products and arrangements which better suite your home or place of work.  I have come to see that  having  your images, that represent a special time  in your life are better off enjoyed day in an day out without effort  hanging on your walls. In addition, these pieces of wall art can be passed down from generation to generation. My goal and objective is to provide a complete service to you by helping you figure out what to do with the images you create rather than handing you digital images and wishing you luck on figuring out what to do next. That is not fair!

As your  high school senior and intimate wedding photographer, my service includes walking you through the process of bringing your vision to life. We believe that when you communicate the desire to have your pictures taken, it is with a purpose. JLondon Images is here to bring that purpose to fruition.

The services that I am so happy to rave about includes the following;

  1. Free Design Service : Together we can create a wall design using your photographs. We are even able to create it providing a preview of YOUR WALL even BEFORE we print your images at the right size…woohoo!! This helps you make a better decision regarding what you need. No more, “…buying the wrong size images and frames”. Wall Art Family Courthouse wedding Portrait Gallery
  2. Done-For-You Professional Printing Services: Time. I understand how important  and valuable your time is. It is my expert service and opinion, that you allow me to take care of everything for you, by having your photographs printed professionally and checked for quality before being delivered to you.
  3. Done-For-You Professional Album Design Services: Your vision is not limited to wall art, but also designing your album. One of my gifts (and strengths) is the ability to design an album with your story in mind. Having your story flow through your hand held album, page by page, will revoke the emotions and pride you had that day of your precious event. Album designs are checked by you  and inspected by us before it is delivered to you.

Let’s Celebrate

So what is a launch without a party? What is a party without a gift? Not a party! lol.

You do not have to be a photography client to be able to get in on the fun. It is an honor to have you attend this celebration. I am offering all my guests, YOU, a free online wall art consultation  and 12% off  your gallery, wall art or album.  It will be super easy and one less thing to think about. So click here to get started.

Remember those precious images you have on your hard drive/USB? Yeah those. Lets go ahead and celebrate your special moments by putting them where they REALLY belong, once and for all. I cant wait to get creating. I AM EXCITED!!

This party will be going on until August 4th. So click here to contact me

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