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After starting and restarting this post, I realize how complex I am making a very SIMPLE subject. “Thank YOU! ”

So I am just going to write from the first person perspective and then encourage you to comment below with your thoughts. Easy Right?!!

As a wife, a friend, a mother, sister and daughter, I play a number of roles. Generally, I tend to give all of me to those I love. Sometimes without balance but that is a WHOLE different topic. “Thank you” does a lot for me. It motivates me, makes me feel appreciated and actually puts a smile on my face. There are some people we would like to hear it more from than others but for the most part we should hear it quite often if you are in a place to serve others.

Many ways to say “Thank you” (


Thank you! Two powerful words that do so much more than acknowledge another persons actions or speech.

Thank you? Yes, “Thank you!”

It is amazing how far these two words can get you at work, at home, among friends and among strangers. I am sure you can agree that a lack of it can also change your mood, how you feel and also how you look at those you have just served. May I repeat myself? “Thank you’ is powerful.


When I first met my husband I remember him doing something very simple for me. My response? “Dankeschön” . He turned looking very puzzled and said ” What did you say?”, I repeated myself and he asked me what it meant. I informed him that it meant thank you in German.  It never gets old and it can be said it in a number of different ways.

The term, in my opinion, can make or break a relationship if it is never said. This is applicable to any type of relationship. Would you agree that it was also linked to the level of respect one displays towards another?

If you are one that doesn’t say it often, begin to use it. You will find that individuals will not be so hesitant to serve you or share with you. At the same time, if you are one who says it all the time, continue to do so, especially with your significant other or those close to you.

Never underestimate the power of thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog 🙂

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