Stay Organized & Stress Less This New Academic Year


Organization is key to all areas of success in life.

The goal is to be able to maneuver your way around your day productively and to ultimately use your time wisely, right?   Right! If you are not organized, you will lose time, become stressed and ultimately you become less successful.

That is not the goal

Today, I want to share four ways you can get your time back and lower your stress levels, before the start of the next academic year.

Let’s Go!

1.  Writing in  a Frame: As I shared yesterday on Facebook Live and Instagram Live, the most common stay organized is to write things down. You can write down things to remember on post-it notes or paper. What I have found is that they can get un-stuck or moved and then you lose your “things to do” list. We are then back at square one and disorganized. I propose you use a white board. They can be easily purchased at either Amazon, Walmart or your nearest office supply store

However, white boards can be boring. You do have the option of spray painting the frame if it appeals to you. Remember the key here is to be organized, so try not to let its appearance hinder you.

Let’s spice it up just a little.

Have you ever thought about using a photo frame? Yes, a photo frame. I use one ( pictured above). You can have one for your desk to write your to do list or daily affirmations, or one for your wall.  Using an Expo marker allows you to easily erase your list and start over. Frames can be purchased at thrift stores, dollar stores or art and craft stores. I tend to write on mine before bed, when I try to remember everything for the next day, or in the morning.

Remember, the key is to get organized and your list will also help prioritize.

2. Writing on in your Phone: A lot of you may already know about this one, but like me, do not or did not use it. You better use it.  The Calendar App (iPhone) Google Calendar (Android) are popular options. If you are heavily reliant on your device, then why not use it for good.

Stay organized. The number one feature is to be able to be notified. Make sure you set at least 2 reminders. The first is to remind you ahead of time, similar to a snooze button. It will take the event from the back of your mind to the forefront. The second reminder should be set at least an hour before the item is due. This will allow you to leave home on time ( if the event requires you to be somewhere on time), prepare accordingly and at the very least relieve stress because you didn’t procrastinate. Remember, your goal is to prioritize and to remain organized.

However if you are a procrastinator, I suggest you remain accountable to someone who will  check in on you. I would choose a parent or someone you know is responsible and trustworthy.

3.  Writing on the Wall: I used to use this method when I was in college. I purchased an academic wall planner because I didnt like turning pages and I LOVED seeing my year at a glance. My assignments, quizzes and test dates were provided to me at the beginning of the school year. There was no way I would remember all of that in my head. Having it on my wall made it easier for me to glance at it daily. I also planned trips, vacations and job working hours using the planner. You can also add your after school activities, games and tournaments to it as well.

Remember your goal is to become organized. Choose what works for you.

If you choose this option, make sure you purchase an erasable wall planner like this one ( pictured above). You can easily erase events as long as you use an Expo marker and it has two sides. The academic calendar, 2018-2019 and the year calendar – 2019.

4. Writing in a Book: Do not count “writing in a book” out. I use my planner too. I love my planner because I can take notes, write down my dates if I am on the phone (lol), and also not appear rude if I am having a conversation with someone.

How many of you have been stopped in class for having your phones out? Right! Take out your planner. It is also a back up in case your phone crashes or your battery is dead. My planner is pictured below. I love writing motivational terms, scriptures and even lists in the back. I don’t always like writing in my phone, but I always have my dates written in my planner. You can also choose a planner that ties in your personality, if you look hard enough.

Remember your goal is to be organized for the new academic year.

Writing things down  and being organized is a great life long habit to start and continue. Don’t you agree?

Prize Time

In an effort to help you on your way, I am giving away 4 planners in time for the next academic year. I was out and about and found these four planners. You, yes you, came to mind and I just wanted to pay it forward to four  students who really wants to keep their #BEORGANIZED goal for the next academic year.

So how can you get your hands on one? Comment below sharing how you plan on staying organized this academic year and which organizer you wish to win. Competition closes on July 31st (Mark that on your calendar or frame) . I will announce the winners on August 2nd. In the mean time, here is what the planner you can win has in store (below). Each month is a different color by the way.

Before I leave

Before I leave, I just want to let you in on a secret, I will be hosting limited spots of the First Teen Mini Session’s in September.  I would hate for you to miss out, so sign up for the monthly newsletter and reminders below. Those on the list will have first dibs on gaining a spot before I let others on social media know about it.

In the mean time, share below, and lets WIN an organizer. The GOAL is to Be Organized in 2018-2019.

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