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Richard + Ursula

Stone Mountain Engagement optimize

“JLondon Images was such a great experience. Rich and I have no experience whatsoever in photography and her expertise in the skill made the entire engagement shoot wonderful. She came prepared with shots that captured our love as a couple and the beauty of nature. Her choice of Stone Mountain Park was near and dear to me since being raised in the city since birth. We had so much fun! The final shots were fabulous. The detail was so precise and natural. We will be using her for every anniversary shoot as well!! Thank you JLondon for adding value to our special occasion.”

Jason + Sabrina

Loganville Intimate Wedding optimize

“Tears of joy and happiness filled the room when we viewed our pictures for the first time. They brought us so much laughter and joy… it was like reliving the moment. All we can say is wowww Joss, you did an amazing job. You managed to capture every moment. Thank you !”

William + Tara

Norcross Intimate Wedding optimize

“It is my sincere pleasure to give my experience with Jlondon Images. First, I must say that Josselyne was extremely knowledgeable of capturing the right poses and displaying our true love for each other through the photos. We didn’t appear posey, it was natural- even the candid silly poses were great. I think the natural posing came from Josselyne asking us what we envisioned. She was very helpful in her suggestions and made the experience very joyous. The day was beautiful, I had both my friends and love was in the air! Joss is more than a photographer, she’s my friend and really gave us a wonderful shoot. I look forward to more with her!! Keep it up, your eye is wonderful!!

Josh + Clarisse

Engagement Shoot Norcross optimize

“Working with Josselyne was a wonderful experience. She brought out the goofy and romantic side of our relationship. We loved the pictures and loved working with someone as creative and pleasant as she was.”

Review JLondon Images