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Wedding Season is still here and Atlanta’s Intimate Wedding Photographer continues to deliver.

As an intimate wedding photographer, I not only focus on documenting your emotions and the entirety of your day, but I also tell a story using the very details you took the time to hand pick for your special day. This includes, your jewelry, your shoes, your invitations, your cuff links and your floral arrangements.

I took the time to talk to very talented event planner of 20 years who recently shared some of her floral arrangement work with me. Such a privilege. I fell  in love with her floral work once I saw them pop up on my feed.  I  asked her if I could have the honor of photographing her work and she happily obliged. Her name is Lorraine Penn and she is amazing. I would have done you all a dis-service by not introducing her to you and sharing her work. So she agreed to answer a few of my questions so that you all would know who she is.

Being a bride myself, I chose to have silk flowers incorporated in my weddings. It helped to keep my budget where it needed to be without losing the elegant touch flowers bring to a ceremony and wedding reception. Here, Lorraine shares some information about her, her business and her recent venture.

Lorraine's Silk Flowers | Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer
Arrangement created by Lorraine’s Silk Flowers

Tell us about yourself and your mission?

My name is Lorraine T. Penn, during my 20 years of event planning, my experience grew in creating non-floral and silk floral arrangements.  I would create silk arrangements for my home and my work space and individuals would see my work and then I began to receive requests to rent arrangements for bridal showers, business events, homes and offices.  I decided from a few years ago to make it a part-time business, whilst continuing my event planning career.

How long have you been creating floral arrangements?

During my time of event planning it was always part of my requirement, but personally it’s been about ten years.  It was just a few years ago when I decided to see if I really have a place in the floral industry to make this a business.

What is your favorite part about doing what you do?

Viewing the final result of a design/arrangement and then seeing the smile on my client’s face. Knowing that I created something that makes them happy and that it will enhance their home, event or office, is the best part

That is so true. Making that difference and creating that solution is key for me as well. What is your favorite flower and why?
I love Hydrangeas and especially in blue hydrangeas.  They are full of life, soft and beautiful to look at.

Lorraine's silk flowers | Atlanta Intimate Wedding photographer
Arrangement created by Lorraine’s Silk Flowers

I see that you are now expanding your creations to bouquets, can you provide any tips or advice to brides who are ordering wedding flowers or bouquets?

I’ve learned that brides usually know what they are looking for before they go to the florists for their bridal bouquet.  Silk bridal bouquets I think are starting to make a mark in the wedding industry.  At this time a bride would have a silk bridal bouquet created for them to keep as a keepsake and have a real, similar, not so expensive bridal bouquet to give during the toss.

Brides are usually advised to pick a type of flower that is “in-season” so that they can have it on their special day. Is this the same for silk?

Silk flowers are usually available all year around. They can be purchased in two places.  Craft stores sell flowers that are “in-season” and floral warehouses which only florists and business owners who have a Tax ID can purchase all season silk flowers.

Bouquet | Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer
Bouquet’s created by Lorraine’s Silk Flowers

How/Where can the readers reach you? (website, FB, Twitter etc)

At this time I don’t have a website, but I can be found on Facebook and Etsy:

Bouquet | Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer
Bouquets created by Lorraine’s Silk Flowers


  1. Lorraine’s silk arrangement is awesome and you capture all the detail image was stunning good job. I taught at first this was an arrangement of beautiful flower fool me.

  2. Wow, she does an excellent job! We had silk flowers in our wedding too. Much more affordable, plus you can keep some.

  3. Beautiful images. Seems like every time I turn around someone is getting married so it is certainly wedding season.

  4. As someone who comes from a large, African family, we had a huge wedding by American standards (300 people). So I opted to have silk flowers as well for arrangements and for the bridal party, and had a real bridal and toss bouquets. She does really amazing work, these arrangements are gorgeous.

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