I Don’t Know What to Say Anymore!

“Communication is the key to our happiness, if we just talk about it maybe we can make some sense…” (Mona Lisa, 1996)

Everyone knows that communication is key in every relationship. Its the beginning of making the other person feel as though they matter and the END of ALL assumptions (for the most part it is).

However, in most cases, society and a lot of relationships lack it. In the day of personal tech gadgets, a lot of people hide behind their twitter handles, Facebook pages, text messages and all the above. Although you are still communicating it is not always effective and darn right NOT PERSONAL!!

I promise you, although these things can have its place in your marital relationship, nothing takes the place of face-to-face, eye-to-eye, mouth-to-ear conversation.


Effective communication, begins with a conversation (image provided by Hellobeautiful.com)

Do you remember when I mentioned that your relationship will take some work to be successful? Well, this is one of those “work things“. Let’s put it in context:  You have had a long day at work, a very long day. You just fought traffic to get home, or even had the most atrocious bus or train ride home. You already know you have to go and make a meal when you get home. All you desire to do is have a shower and relax. The aim is to get yourself together. but lets be honest, the last thing you want to do is have a conversation with anyone.

I totally understand. I promise you..I am the type of girl who gets very silent when she is  fatigued or stressed out. But marriage doesn’t happen that way…in my experience. Your spouse may have something they may want to share with you, they may have longed for your presence the whole day, they may have just been waiting for you to come home for a sure sign of affection. You rejecting them or ignoring them will just add more to the pile of  mess you have already accumulated.


“What is your spouse indirectly saying” (http://www.onlinemba.com/)

So… lets keep it simple. Conversations do not have to last a long time. Its all about acknowledging the other person, and making them feel as though they matter, by the person they love the most.

How…? EASY.. 4 EASY STEPS..When you come in start with,

Hi. How are you? How was your day? And then just probe.

(told ya it was easy..lol)

In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for other conversation starters that can used while having quiet time with that special someone.. in the mean time… Start TALKING.. it may even do something to you…

Remember not everyone likes to talk a lot, but a small conversation is the difference between ignoring and acknowledging.

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