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Yes! You read that title correctly. I turned down my husband’s gift. “ARE YOU CRAZY?”, I hear you scream. No need to drop your draw and rub it in. I think I just might be. Stay a few minutes and I’ll let you in on what happened. I promise it wasn’t on purpose, okay it was. But it wasn’t with mal-intentions. Just give me a few seconds, read on and it will make total sense. I really think you may have made the same mistake as I did if you were in my shoes, subconsciously.


You see, it wasn’t a tangible gift. But it was HIS gift to me. Everyone has a talent or gift per se. My husband has the ability to relax and chill. I never thought it was a gift, until I met him. He is able to take naps, sit down and eat, go to bed on time and have a sane mind about it. That to me is a gift. I can’t. I don’t think I know how.

Like most hard working women and moms, I wear several hats and I actually thrive on them. I call it “being productive”. My husband invited me to “Chill and Relax” with him. I couldn’t. I can’t and most of the time, have no idea how. I keep moving and I secretly love it. However, sometimes I don’t know when to stop. But that’s why God blessed me with my husband. Persistent and Chilled. My total opposite.

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He asked me again and as I reflected on the 101 things (I felt) I had to do, I asked him for an additional 15 minutes. I thought that was a good compromise. 22 minutes passed and I was in my zone, conquering #13 on my to-do list. He called me over again and this time, I gave in. This time, I knew I had to stop. The fact that he called me over to just hang out meant that he really missed me and wanted to just hang out. Who just hangs out with their spouse? I should have, and I did.

This is just one of the few times he had called me back. At that moment, I realized three things. These are the three things I wanted to share with you all today. Woman of 2017!

  1. Your spouse sees what you don’t. My husband knows me. Even when I think I have it all under control, he sees when I am over doing it. I don’t see myself working. I see it as getting things done. I may overdo it without knowing it. The next time he offers me a chapter out of his book, I’ll sit back and follow his lead.
  2. We need to learn to delegate ( at least I do). Yes, I like things done a certain way when it comes to my home and children. These are my blessings that I do not take for granted. However, I am slowly learning that my way is not always the ONLY way. Delegating means that some jobs wont get done up to my standards, but they will get done.
  3. Let Go and Let God. ( No, it’s not correct scripture).But sounds good. The Bible says to Cast your Burdens unto the Lord. That is what I am learning to do. Daily actually. Somethings reside in our mind, but would be so much simple if spoken, even more simple if cast on to God who is All Powerful! I walk away much lighter, when I remember to. I just forget to sometimes.


From that point, my goal is to create a 3-point to do list as opposed to 10. To laugh more and spend more time sharing moments and not over working every moment for a type of perfection that doesn’t exist. This wont happen over night, but God-willing it will happen.

So what lessons have you learned? Do you find yourself working a lot? or non at all? How do you catch a balance between the two? Do you delegate? If so, what? I would love to learn from you and your experiences?

I don’t believe that you stumbled upon today’s blog post by accident. I pray that you both enjoy each other’s gifts. That the benefit of being married to the man/woman you have chosen.

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Have an awesome #WisdomWednesday

Remember your shortfalls can be your greatest strengths.

Josselyne H.

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