How We Made $147 | Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer

Yeah… obviously a yard sale. So why would I post that here? Well it was the first time both I and hubby had had one. At first we were apprehensive. It was supposed to be a neighborhood wide yard sale, but in the entire subdivision only 5 or 6 neighbors participated. But we though..” Eh! why not?” and we did it.

The yard sale was not about the money, but about working together.  It was an exercise that worked on our communication habits, financial stance and even our ability to multi-task watching the children and selling 🙂 . We sold quite a bit and for me the highlight was just being able to negotiate with people as they tried to get something for nothing. I didn’t take it personally.

It was hot outside, but amongst it all, the heat didn’t lead us down the road of agitation, but to a route of cake and milkshakes late on that evening! We celebrated and we had fun. We made $147  or there about… it is not much to some, but side the money, we gained so much as a married couple. Every event is a learning experience and every learning experience should help you grow.

What can you and your spouse do to work together as a team? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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