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I cannot believe that its almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Can you? It’s one of the best times of the year, barring the cold.

I love how everyone gets together, the laughter, reunions and the value people begin to have on life. At least that is the way I see it and have seen it for many years.

I love it when members of my family come into town, that I have not seen in “forever” with their children, their stories and sometimes gifts (heehee). I love being around the table, “getting down” into the delicious food that has been especially prepared for the occasion, or when the children decide to put on a last minute show for the adults to watch. Nothing is staged (aside the decorations) , everything is just flowing naturally. EVERYTHING!

Now wouldn’t it be a shame, if we didn’t capture the moment we were all together in 2015? When Aunt Sarah wore that ugly sweater and Grandpa Joe squeezed the cheeks off baby Alina. It would be a crying shame.

Yes, I hear you loud and clear, you have your iPhone 6 and it takes amazing pictures. My question to you is, when was the last time YOU were ALL in the picture? Yes, there is always someone missing. The person holding the camera. In my home, its usually me ( insert sad face). That is why, my family and I always get our portraits taken and I want the same for you.

Portrait sessions with JLondon Images, holiday sessions in this case, are tolerated well by children. They don’t spend the full hour outdoors and they get to play and be themselves some of the time. Yes that is right. Our portrait sessions are about your family, your personalities and being true to your vision (even in the limited time we have together).

So, I am taking this time, to invite you to have your portrait taken this winter by JLondon Images. Think about it, time is non-refundable, so do not spend your time trying to get the best pose or picture, but spend it wisely by allowing me to create the images you can have for a lifetime. You even have the choice of purchasing your Holiday cards through me too. One less thing for you to think about.

Here is the summary of information for you, because I know your time is precious.

Holiday Portrait Sessions Atlanta GA 2015
 There are two dates. These are Nov 14th beginning at 10am  and Nov 22nd beginning at 2pm. The session is priced at $100 and last approximately 30mins, just enough time to not get board. Only kidding! Lullwater Park is located near the Emory campus and Loganville Vines Park, is located in Loganville, GA. Both locations are just as gorgeous as each other, I promise you.

Because everyone’s needs are different, I didn’t believe it was fair for me to create just one package or collection. So I went ahead and created a “Print and Digital” collection and a “Digital Only”collection. That way, I am very sure you will find something that meets your needs.

I know your time is valuable, so I wont have you keep reading this post, because time is none refundable right? So if you want more information, please just click HERE, yes right HERE, and leave me a message. I will contact you however best works for you and I will provide you further information.

1 Last thing I am only taking 8 reservations total. So that means 4 for each day. So call me on the number in the image or click HERE and let’s make 2015 the year you are in FRONT of the camera.

The last date to reserve your place is Monday November 9th, 2015 at 9pm EST. I look forward to hearing from you.

Remember JLondon Images is your Relationship Photographer, honoring your relationships one encounter at a time.


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  1. Glad to know you’re here. I’m in Atlanta too and I know several people who have been looking for photographers for holiday photos. I’ll pass this info along.

  2. I’ve yet to schedule our holiday pictures. I’m a bit torn because I feel like we’ve done the same thing for the past few years. I need to come up with something soon.

  3. Family photos are priceless. It’s great to look back & see how things have changed. These are precious memories, I definitely want to take some family photos soon.

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