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Happy Friday! I know you are all looking forward to 5pm…if you work till 5pm..otherwise I know you are just looking forward to whatever day your week ends and your weekend begins.

I can relate! Most of my photography shoots happen on the weekend and I look forward to it. Whether it be shooting, assisting or just documenting the events and locations I attend… I love it!

So today, I take pleasure in sharing what I did last weekend and to introduce an awesome concept here in Atlanta. This fashion concept takes a bowl of consigning, 4 table spoons of laughter, mixed in with a hint of enjoyment and you get Dress Swap Atlanta.

Dress Swap Atl-48

Dress Swap Atlanta

Dress Swap Atlanta (DSA) is actually described as “A clothing exchange event that is committed to presenting quality fashion in a creative, cost effective way.” It is also deemed as “Beautiful on a budget” and that to me is a great way to describe it.

Last weekend it took place at the House of Adrene located in downtown Atlanta, a great store that houses unique and trendy fashion pieces.

House of Adrene meets Dress Swap Atl
House of Adrene meets Dress Swap Atl

How it works? Well its very simple. You purchase a ticket at a very reasonable price via the website. Then you show up to the event with items of clothing, shoes or fashion accessories that are gently used. (DSA does have a criteria that can be found on the website. It is very simple and easy to follow) To keep it fair you are only able to swap out as many items as you can bring. This is the challenging part because you always find more items than you can bring home.

Dress Swap Atl-42

Trying on clothes

One of the highlights of DSA is knowing that the owner nd the host know about fashion enough to lend some advice and tips. I am not a fashionista, well at least I do not claim to be, but was given very good advice on what looked good and what didn’t on me. In addition, the other ladies who attended were just as friendly and full of laughter. I felt as though I was in a room with friends I had known a long time.

                                      Ladies and their Great Finds


Altogether, customer service was 5 star and the environment created by the excitement of finding new goodies was totally worth it. I ended up trying on 8 different pieces but went home with 4 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes. I have always loathed shopping due but this has probably been then best experience yet. Finding great items that I can wear on date night with my hubby and NOT FEEL GUILTY about splurging on looking good was totally worth the drive from Norcross to Downtown Atlanta .Between snapping shots, conversing and trying on clothes I made it happen and I am sure you can all too.

JLondon Images meets Dress Swap Atl
JLondon Images meets Dress Swap Atl

I am not sure when the next event is but check them both out on Facebook. Tell them JLondon Images sent ya!

(Please note, I was not paid for this article and everything expressed here are my own thoughts based on my own experiences)

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