Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Pick your colors depending on the moods you wish to convey in your image, I will gladly help you with that. Avoid the coordinated outfits alike, the classic “blue jeans and white shirt”. Instead, using patterns and colors so that your personalities can shine. When booking a session, I will take the time to show you examples of wardrobe ideas and together we can come up with something that compliments your vision.

What should I expect during a portrait session?

I am a strong believer that if we all have fun, everything will fall into place. Portrait session periods will depend on the service you require. For extended sessions, I always incorporate time for short breaks if needed. It is important for me to allow you to remain relaxed during the session and so short breaks are vital to the process. Besides, I am sure your feet will thank you for it later.

What is a gallery reveal?

This is just as exciting as the photography experience. Here you get to sit down and relax on a pre-arranged date to view your photographs. The best part about it is, you get to relive these happy moments and choose the images you want to hang on your walls, turn into a collection, album or invitation cards should you choose. I will guide you along the way, helping you bring your vision to life.

What are your travel costs?

The cost of the service you require already incorporates the cost of travel within the Metro Atlanta area given the portrait location. If your session/wedding is considered nontraditional ( more than one location) , do not worry, we can go through further details at your consultation.


At the time of booking, 50% of your session fee is due . The second half of the fee will be due two weeks before the session. JLondon Images accepts most forms of payment. You are welcome to pay all monies at the time of booking.

How do I book a session?

Fill in the short form below and I will be right with you. I am excited to connect with you.