What 7 Year Itch? | Lewis Family Portraits| Atlanta, GA

I have heard plenty about the 7 year itch. Its supposedly the time,  when as a couple, you look at each other and ask “Are we supposed to be together?”, “Is this really working?” and “Do we need space?”. There are so many terms, synonyms and phrases used for the 7 year itch that I chose to ignore them. They are usually negative and walk you down the path of doubt.

Who has time for that? – I sure do not!

And nor do the Lewis family.  Mr and Mrs Lewis have been together for 20 years now and the 7 year itch had nothing on them. Having the honor to document their family portraits was more than I could have asked for. I do not believe in coincidences and I took the opportunity to learn more about their magic and what keeps their love alive. I learned that they created their own traditions and values, as a family, a long time ago. They love to spend time together and that, as a couple, they are the best of friends. They share the same faith and vision and together they walk towards their goals and support one another.

Couples Family Session Goat Farm Atlanta, GAAs a photographer it  can be very challenging to to capture romance and affection, when it is not real. THIS IS WHY I prefer to shoot REAL couples. Mr and Mrs Lewis, made my job so easy. It can’t even say it was work, it was just so fun. Their relationship between the parents and daughters were authentic, I hope to have the same with my own.

Couples Family Session Goat Farm Atlanta, GA

7 year itch?? What was that… Give me 20 years to life with my boo….something like Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.

Cheers….here is to many more, whilst you enjoy some images from their session in Atlanta, GA.

Couples Family Session Goat Farm Atlanta, GA
Couples Family Session Goat Farm Atlanta, GA
Couples Family Session Goat Farm Atlanta, GA

Yours truly,

Josselyne H.

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