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Exclusive sessions are so much fun and can be just as valuable to you as it is to me. They only happen once or twice a year. But when they do happen, its a win-win for all and a fun experience.

I am able to serve more people than I usually would and at the same time, my clients are just as happy with the ability to update their family photos in such a short time.

Just because it is such a short session, does not mean that I cut out on my service to you.

Family Mini Session Loganville

3 Things I do regardless of how short or long your portrait sessions are.

1. Focus my time on you and your family – You are not just one OF a million, but one IN a million.  As a consequence,  I will take my time and pose you how you feel comfortable. Its usually all smiles throughout.

2. Provide an informative consultation and quality products – I wont leave you to your devices to pick from a large number of images, leaving you confused and frustrated. I will meet with you to discuss your needs and your vision, even if it is just for Christmas card. There are a range of cards, prints, albums and canvas products to choose from, but I am always here to walk you through the process.

Family Mini Session Loganville

3. ALWAYS include that one to one service including door-to-door delivery. You didn’t post your self to the session, so I wont post your order to you, unless its what you would prefer. I want to make sure you not only LOVE your order, but I want to make sure you get it. Its the end of the year and I will limit the amount of time your order spends in the hands of FEDEX, UPS and USPS.

BONUS: You all know my mission and objective is to always highlight mom and dad and give them their spotlight. Here is a great image, I was able to capture of some of one of clients.

Family Mini Session Loganville

All of those who purchased prints, printed those of themselves as 2. Sometimes you have to update that wedding picture.

Did you miss out on having taking your family pictures this winter? Contact me now to book your session. Have you taken part in an exclusive session like this? If so, what are your thoughts? What was great about it? What could have made the experience more pleasant?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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