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I have been married almost 5 years and I cannot believe it.  I am not saying that I had envisioned a divorce by now, by no means, but I will say that time has really gotten the best of me. In the years we have been together, I have learned how selfish I can be but how self-less I have become. My Tiramisu is still not for the sharing, but there is always room for improvement ..:)

Why DIDN’T you tell me?

I have recently been asking married couples what they wish they had known before they had gotten married and those wishes will be posted throughout the next few week. For me personally   I wish someone would have told me that trials can begin at anytime, that you have to be strong whenever circumstances hit you and that whatever keeps your marriage new and fresh today may not work tomorrow, so I really have to work at it. “Work at it??” What does that really mean? Really?.. I wish someone would have told me that…lol

How it all began?

In 2007, I moved to Atlanta, GA as an intern from London, England, trying to get some experience in HR as I was informed that the work experience I already had was not suffice. So yes, I came to the USA to boost my resume, instead God had other plans. I had just graduated and well “the world was my oyster”. I had made a conscience decision to keep my eyes on Christ because my 25th birthday had just past and I felt as though I had nothing to show for it. Yes, the plan was to be married by Please tell me I am not the only one?

May 2007, I found myself locked outside of the apartment I shared with 3 other interns. My lovely brother who came to visit from the UK had taken the key and had gone out. 2 hours later, I was still standing in front of my door. Can you say HEATED?! Indeed I was. As I took my time venting to my girlfriend in New York on my cellphone,  I noticed a tall dark guy coming towards me from the corner of my eye. My thoughts? “If I am going to die tonight, I am going down with a fight.” as I held on tight to the bunch of keys I had in my hand. I really was going to fight for my life.

Before you laugh at me, let me put this all into perspective for you. He was 6’3 and weighed approximately 290lbs and wore black. I was standing in a hallway which  was approximately 12-15 feet wide with apartments on both sides of the hallway. And then there was little old me (in comparison) standing at 5’7 and weighing in  around 160 lbs, I had nowhere to run and only my girlfriend on the cellphone as my witness. Dramatic I was, but its better to be safe than sorry.

The surprising thing was, he walked past me so casually as I quickly took inventory of his description. In a very friendly deep voice he said “Hi” and then stopped at the apartment door adjacent to mine, opened the door and stepped into his home….while I stayed locked out of mine. Bummah!

What’s your point J?

Not every story begins with love at first sight and butterflies in the stomach, but it can blossom into something really beautiful, depending on how YOU define beautiful no matter how long you have been together. (I will be going into that at a later SUBSCRIBE today)

I am a methodical mathematics type of girl, who loves photography, music, theater and art. As you can see not everything  makes sense. But I hope to be able to share my experiences, those of others and to also celebrate the couples I have the honor of  framing from behind the lens.

Josselyne  is my name and it’s a pleasure to share some of the of mysteries, challenges and excitement the first 5 years of marriage hold. I hope to equip you, with the silent help of my spouse,  with tools for you both to grow together till death do you part.  So subscribe today to the blog. (Right there on the top right of your

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