5 Facts About Me


I Love My Home

I live in the USA, but there is nothing like being in London, UK. You can always take the girl out of West London, but you can’t take it out of me, that is the place I call home. The first thing I do when I arrive in my old neighborhood, is to walk at least 3 miles around the vicinity reminiscing about by yester-years. In addition, there is also something to be said about sitting in the family room with your siblings and parents and having a great laugh. When you add your new additions to the mix, it becomes magic.

I Am A Professional Student

Yes! I love to learn and continue self development.  I love to learn new things . I study people and what is important to them. I watch documentaries and non-fiction audio books are my favorite. To be honest, I find criminal investigation shows entertaining, as I try and figure out who did what, where and why before the end of the show as well as a good mental riddle.

I Like To “Move It, Move It”

I am not restricted by location. That includes taking a “daycation, staycation” and best of all a vacation. They are awesome. My “getaways” include climbing up Stone Mountain in Georgia followed by a picnic, visiting another part of Georgia or hopping on a plane and trying something completely new. St Lucia has been my favorite place thus far.

Simple Fashion

In an ideal world I would own at least two pairs of Nike, 3 pairs of heels, a few pairs of jeans, a couple of tutus and a large selection of graphic tees and sophisticated blouses. Lastly, I would own about 3 jackets/blazers just because you always need a jacket to complete the look, weather permitting.
I am that simple kind-of-lady.


I Value Relationships

Their depth and their roots. That connection between a couple is where my heart is because as different as we are , we choose to commit to one another despite the odds and THAT fascinates me. It’s not easy regardless of how long we have been together, but if we choose to both invest all that we have into it, I really believe we both will come out on top. Knowing that I am in a 3 folded cord relationship (God the Father, my husband and I) is one of the primary reasons I have been married this long against all the worlds statistics, and that to me, is amazing. My hope for you is that you both reach the finish line together.


Brown Sparrow Wedding

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